Steven Gutierrez

Symbiosis Tree aims to show the crucial connection we have with plants by simulating the photosynthesis process that gives trees the energy they need to grow and flourish, and which provides the oxygen we need to survive. 


Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert our exhaled CO2 into oxygen for humans and glucose for the plant. In this artwork, the more we breathe into the leaves of the tree, the more the LEDs will “process” our breath and give us a lightshow as thanks.


Plants and trees are not only beautiful but also serve to reduce greenhouse gases and toxins in the air around us. By showing the symbiotic breathing relationship we have with plants, this work reminds us to appreciate nature’s value.


Steven Gutierrez is an artist, engineer, and educator interested in the intersection of art, technology and the environment. His work has been primarily focused on social and environmental issues. His current research is directed towards finding how technology may be used to help life rather than to destroy it. 

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